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Terms & Conditions

Computer Mate Limited reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

The minimum labour charge is 1/2 hr. We may replace parts costing less than $50 without contacting you.  Our Technicians will take reasonable care repairing your item, replacement parts are at your expense.

Opening Hours
Standard service hours are Monday — Friday 9am to 5.30pm

It is your responsibility to back up all software and data on your computer's hard drive(s) and/or any other storage devices. Computer Mate Limited shall not be responsible at any time for any loss, alteration, or corruption of any software, data, or files.

Equipment Collection
There is a storage charge of $18.87 per week per computer/HDD/printer not collected within 14 days.

Debt Recovery Costs
All costs, charges and expenses incurred by us in recovering any debt shall be paid by you. If a payment made by cheque is refused, you shall be liable for all reasonable costs incurred as a result.

Owners Risk
All Items held at Computer Mate Ltd offices, workshops or 3rd party addresses are held at the owners risk. It is the owners responsibility to have adequate insurance to cover theft, loss or damage to their property. Computer Mate Limited shall not be responsible at any time for any theft, loss or damage to property.

All goods have a warranty of 3 months, except where otherwise specified. The warranty runs from the original invoice date onwards. If a fault does develop or is found, this must be notified to us promptly.

If a Computer Mate Limited product should fail due to a manufacturer’s defect within the specified warranty period the product should be delivered prepaid to the Computer Mate Limited office in Dunedin. The cost of returning the product to Computer Mate Limited is the responsibility of the customer. If the product is deemed to have a manufacturer’s defect and is under warranty it will be repaired, fully serviced and returned free of charge to the nominated address, excluding the replacement of batteries.

The customer should ensure that the problem they are experiencing is not related to such issues as general cleaning and maintenance or dead batteries. Products returned as having "no fault found" will incur handling and return freight charges.